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 Autor:  Igual Domínguez Martín, Gema, coaut.

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Fecha publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)Tipo
20-oct-2009Tandem RCM-Pauson-Khand reaction for access to tricycles in one step / Gema Domínguez ... [et al.].-Artículo
20-oct-2009Synthesis and antitumour activity of new dendritic polyamines-(imide-DNA-intercalator) conjugates : potent Lck inhibitors / G. Domínguez ... [et al.].-Artículo
20-oct-2009The reduction of 4-acyl-[beta]-lactams with sodium borohydride / B. Alcaide, G. Domínguez, J. Plumet.Alcaide Alañón, Benito .Artículo
20-oct-2009Chromium-carbene mediated synthesis of 4-Oxo-[beta]-lactams (Malonimides) and malonic acid derivatives / G. Domínguez ... [et al.].-Artículo
20-oct-2009Thermal and photochemical reactions of chromium carbenes and sulfur ylides / G. Domínguez ... [et al.].-Artículo
20-oct-2009Stereochemistry of imino-group reduction : part. 6 ... / Gema Domínguez ... [et al.].-Artículo
20-oct-2009Diastereoselective Pauson-Khand reactions on aromatic substrates / G. Domínguez ... [et al.].-Artículo
20-oct-2009Reactions of stabilized sulfur ylides with [alfa, beta]-unsaturated alkoxychromiumcarbene complexes : neo-clerodane derivatives with insect antifeedant activity / G. Domínguez ... [et al.].-Artículo
20-oct-2009A novel regioselective one-pot synthesis of 3-aryl-2-chloro-imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines and -pyrimidines / G. Domínguez ... [et al.].-Artículo
20-oct-2009Synthesis, cytotoxic activities and proposed mode of binding of series of bis ... alkylamines / G. Domínguez ... [et al.].-Artículo
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