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Fecha publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)Tipo
22-mar-2017Jeanne d'Arc / Raffet ; Revel.Revel, Alfred, ?1865.; Raffet, Auguste, 1804-1860.Grabado
22-mar-2017Supplice de Jeanne d'Arc / Hippolyte Bellangé ; Outhwaite.Outhwaite, J.; Bellangé, Hippolyte, 1800?1866.Grabado
22-mar-2017The cruel methods by which Mr. Nicholas Burton, an Englishman was tortured in the Inquisitorial prison at Cadiz previous to his martyrdomh[Material gráfico] / Thomas Stothard.Stothard, Thomas, 1755-1834.Grabado
16-dic-2016The martyrdom of St Peter / W.T. Fry.-Grabado
15-dic-2016Adrian Chalinsky a protestant clergyman, roasted alive by a slow fire in the great Dutchy of Lithuania-Grabado
30-nov-2016The procession of the officiers of the Spanish Inquisition conducting Mr. Nicholas Burton, an english merchant of London, through Sevill, to the place of his martyrdom Nov. 5. 1560-Grabado
30-nov-2016The portraits of the principal primitive reformers of various countries, to whom (under God) we are indebted for the glorious light of the protestant religion, with emblematical allusions to the vain attempts of the Pope, the frier & the Devil, to blow out or extinguish the pure light of the everlasting Gospel-Grabado
30-nov-2016Five sisters of Simeon Bishop of Salencia, in Persia, sawed into quarters wich were hung up in different parts of the city-Grabado
30-nov-2016Also other scenes shewing the cruel manner in which the protestans were dragged through bogs in Ireland, and hung on tenterhooks fastened to poles till they perished through pain and want of food-Grabado
30-nov-2016The martyrdom of Mr John Badby in Smithfield where (while de Prior of St Bartholomen's attended with twelve Forches borne before him) Prince Henry son of Edward IV exhorted the godly martyrio recant ; Dr. John Hus (Pastor of Bethlchem in Bohemia & professor of philosophy in the University of Prague) going to seal the truth of his doctrines by martydom in the suburbs of Constance.-Grabado
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